Editorial in The Spectrum - The Sydney Morning Herald - by Alexia Biggs


The mixed-media artwork of Byron Bay local Mon Manabu draws strong inspiration from nature. She mixes her handmade drawings, acrylic paintings and photographs to create images, then transfers them to canvas, wooden blocks, pendants and up-cycled art (created by restoring old timber objects to use as frames). Raised in Spain, Mon studied fine arts at the University of Barcelona until she came to study in Lismore.

Manabu (meaning "to learn" in Japanese) is her artistic name, which she chose partly due to being inspired by the centuries-old Japanese practice of wood carving.

Gold Tree wooden block print, digitally-enhanced photo printed on a 20 centimetre square plywood block, $39.


Date of issue: 28 March 2015

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It is time to do a guerrilla head in Brisbane :)

ONLINE MARKET: get ready for Finders Keepers at Home!

ONLINE MARKET: get ready for Finders Keepers at Home!

This weekend is time for Bowerbird Bazaar in Adelaide. Come and get a gift!